Blue color idioms: 14 useful blue color idioms

Dive into the fascinating realm of language as we unravel the captivating realm of blue color idioms. From feeling blue to having the blues, these expressions paint a vivid picture of emotions and experiences. Discover the meaning behind idioms like “once in a blue moon” and “out of the blue,” and delve into the rich tapestry of blue color idioms that bring life and color to our everyday conversations.

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List of Blue color idioms

  • Feeling blue
  • Out of the blue
  • True blue
  • Blue-collar
  • Sing the blues
  • Blue blood
  • Blue moon
  • Blue ribbon
  • Blue in the face
  • Blue plate special
  • Blue-eyed boy/girl
  • Navy blue
  • Blue sky thinking
  • Once in a blue moon


Blue color idioms: List of blue color idioms Meaning and Example

The expressive world of blue color idioms.

Feeling blue

Meaning: Feeling sad or depressed.


  • After her dog passed away, Sarah has been feeling blue and hasn’t been her usual cheerful self.
  • He’s been feeling blue ever since he lost his job, and has been struggling to find motivation to do anything.


Out of the blue

Meaning: Unexpectedly or without warning.


  • She received a job offer out of the blue from a company she hadn’t applied to, which took her by surprise.
  • The car broke down out of the blue on their way to the airport, causing them to miss their flight.
  • He ran into an old friend out of the blue while walking in the park, whom he hadn’t seen in years.


True blue

Meaning: Loyal and dependable.


  • Even though they had been friends for years, Jane proved to be true blue when she stood by Sarah during a difficult time.
  • The company’s true blue customers continued to support them even during challenging times, and helped them stay afloat.
  • Mark is a true blue fan of his favorite sports team, and never misses a game or an opportunity to support them.



Meaning: Relating to manual labor or working-class jobs.


  • His father worked a blue-collar job as a construction worker for over 30 years, providing for his family.
  • The blue-collar workers at the factory went on strike to demand better working conditions and higher pay.


Sing the blues

Meaning: Complain or express sadness or disappointment.


  • He was singing the blues about his relationship problems, feeling frustrated and helpless about the situation.
  • The players were singing the blues after losing the championship game, feeling disappointed and dejected.


Blue blood

Meaning: Belonging to the aristocracy or nobility.


  • He comes from a long line of blue bloods, and has inherited significant wealth and property from his ancestors.
  • Despite being a blue blood, she has always been humble and down-to-earth, preferring to live a simple life.


Blue moon

Meaning: A rare occurrence or a long time period.


  • He only gets a blue moon opportunity to travel abroad, due to his busy work schedule and limited vacation time.
  • The team only wins the championship once in a blue moon, as it requires a lot of hard work, dedication, and luck.


Blue ribbon

Meaning: The highest quality or the best in a competition.


  • Her blue ribbon pie won first prize at the county fair, beating out all the other pies entered in the competition.
  • He was awarded a blue ribbon for his academic achievement, having the highest grade point average in his graduating class.


Blue in the face

Meaning: Argue, explain or persuade someone without success.


  • She tried to convince her parents to let her go on the trip, but talked until she was blue in the face and they still wouldn’t budge.
  • He argued with his boss for hours, but talked until he was blue in the face and didn’t get the raise he was hoping for.
  • The salesman tried to sell the car to the customer, but talked until he was blue in the face and the customer still decided not to buy it.


Blue plate special

Meaning: A daily special meal offered at a restaurant.


  • The restaurant’s blue plate special changes every day, and features a different dish that is not typically on the menu.
  • He always orders the blue plate special at the café, as it is his favorite meal and reminds him of home cooking.


Blue-eyed boy/girl

Meaning: Someone who is highly favored or preferred by someone else.


  • She’s the boss’s blue-eyed girl, and is often given special treatment and more opportunities than the other employees.
  • He’s the teacher’s blue-eyed boy, and is often praised and rewarded for his academic achievements and good behavior.


Navy blue

Meaning: A deep, dark shade of blue.


  • She bought a navy blue dress for the wedding, as it was formal and elegant, yet still understated.
  • He painted his room navy blue, as he wanted a calm and soothing color to help him relax and sleep better.
  • The company’s logo is navy blue, which represents stability, professionalism, and trustworthiness.


Blue sky thinking

Meaning:  Thinking creatively and imaginatively without being limited by practical considerations.


  • The company encouraged blue sky thinking during their brainstorming session, to come up with new and innovative ideas that had not been considered before.
  • She loved to engage in blue sky thinking when designing her art projects, as it allowed her to experiment with new materials and techniques.


Once in a blue moon

Meaning: Very rarely, almost never.


  • She only visits her hometown once in a blue moon, as she lives in a different state and is busy with her job and family.
  • He only eats fast food once in a blue moon, as he prefers to eat healthy and organic food at home.

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