Fruit idioms: 22 Useful Fruit Idioms

Fruit idioms add a flavorful twist to language. From “the apple of my eye” to “sour grapes,” they convey meaning with fruity charm, revealing insights about relationships, attitudes, and outcomes in a juicy way.

An assortment of colorful fruits forming a collage, representing various fruit idioms in language.
Unlock the zest of language with these juicy fruit idioms!

List of Fruit Idioms

  • Sour grapes
  • Apple of my eye
  • Banana republic
  • Cherry-pick
  • Lemonade out of lemons
  • Grapes of wrath
  • Peachy keen
  • Rotten apple
  • Berry the hatchet
  • In a pickle
  • Orange is the new black
  • Apron strings
  • Full of beans
  • Forbidden fruit
  • Limey
  • Fruit of labor
  • Fruitcake
  • In the fruit of the moment
  • Fruitful endeavor
  • The fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree
  • Apple of discord
  • A lemon


List of Fruits idioms with meaning and Examples


Sour grapes

Meaning: When someone expresses disdain or jealousy towards something they cannot have or achieve.

Example sentences:

  • John didn’t get the job he wanted, so now he’s saying he didn’t really like the company anyway. It’s just sour grapes.
  • She couldn’t afford the expensive handbag, so she kept saying it wasn’t that stylish anyway. Typical sour grapes.


Apple of my eye

Meaning: A person or thing that is cherished or highly valued.

Example sentences:

  • Sarah’s daughter is the apple of her eye; she adores her more than anything else in the world.
  • That vintage car has been the apple of his eye for years; he takes great care of it.


Banana republic

Meaning: A small, politically unstable country that is dependent on another more powerful country, or a country characterized by corruption, exploitation, and lack of democracy.

Example sentence:

  • The dictator ruled the country for decades, turning it into a banana republic with rampant corruption and human rights abuses.



Meaning: To select only the best or most desirable things or options, often leaving out the rest.

Example sentences:

  • She always cherry-picks the ripest fruits from the grocery store, leaving the others behind.
  • The politician was accused of cherry-picking data to support his argument while ignoring opposing viewpoints.


Lemonade out of lemons

Meaning: To make the best out of a difficult or challenging situation.

Example sentences:

  • Despite losing his job, he started his own business and made lemonade out of lemons.
  • After their vacation was canceled due to bad weather, they decided to explore local attractions and make lemonade out of lemons.


Grapes of wrath

Meaning: Intense anger or righteous indignation.

Example sentences:

  • When he found out about the scam, he was filled with the grapes of wrath and vowed to seek justice.
  • The protesters marched with the grapes of wrath, demanding change in the face of injustice.


Peachy keen

Meaning: Everything is fine or in perfect condition.

Example sentences:

  • Don’t worry about me, everything is peachy keen in my world.
  • Despite the challenges, she’s managing just fine and keeps telling everyone that everything is peachy keen.


Rotten apple

Meaning: A person who is a bad influence on others or who has a negative impact on a group or situation.

Example sentences:

  • The new employee turned out to be a rotten apple, spreading negativity among the team.
  • One bad teammate can spoil the entire project; he’s the rotten apple in the group.


Berry the hatchet

Meaning: To reconcile or make peace with someone after a conflict or disagreement.

Example sentences:

  • After their argument, they decided to bury the hatchet and move on with their friendship.
  • The two rival companies decided to bury the hatchet and collaborate on a joint venture.


In a pickle

Meaning: To be in a difficult or problematic situation.

Example sentences:

  • He missed his flight and now he’s in a pickle, trying to rearrange his travel plans.
  • She forgot her laptop for the important presentation, and now she’s in a pickle.


Orange is the new black

Meaning: A phrase used to highlight a shift in trends or a change in the norm.

Example sentence:

  • In the fashion world, they say that orange is the new black, meaning that orange is now the trendy color to wear.


Apron strings

Meaning: To be overly dependent on someone, especially in a way that hinders personal growth or independence.

Example sentences:

  • Even as an adult, he’s still tied to his mother’s apron strings, unable to make decisions on his own.
  • She needs to cut the apron strings with her controlling partner and assert her own identity.


Full of beans

Meaning: To be full of energy, enthusiasm, or vitality.

Example sentences:

  • The kids were full of beans after a day of playing at the park.
  • Despite her age, she’s still full of beans and actively participates in community events.


Forbidden fruit

Meaning: Something that is desirable but is off-limits or prohibited.

Example sentence:

  • He was drawn to the forbidden fruit of a risky business venture, despite knowing the potential consequences.



Meaning: A derogatory term used to refer to someone from Britain, particularly an English person.

Example sentences:

  • He’s often teased by his American friends for being a limey because of his British accent.
  • The term “limey” originated from the British sailors who used to consume limes to prevent scurvy during long sea voyages.


Fruit of labor

Meaning: The results or rewards that come from hard work or effort.

Example sentences:

  • He finally bought his dream car with the fruit of his labor after years of saving and working hard.
  • She felt a sense of accomplishment when she saw the fruit of her labor in the completed project.



Meaning: A person who is eccentric, crazy, or odd in behavior or appearance.

Example sentences:

  • The old man down the street is known as the neighborhood fruitcake because of his peculiar habits.
  • She’s a bit of a fruitcake, always coming up with strange ideas and wearing mismatched clothes.


In the fruit of the moment

Meaning: To act impulsively or without careful consideration.

Example sentences:

  • She regretted her decision to quit her job in the fruit of the moment, as she didn’t have a backup plan.
  • It’s important to make informed decisions rather than acting in the fruit of the moment to avoid regrets later.


Fruitful endeavor

Meaning: A successful or productive effort or undertaking.

Example sentence:

  • Their joint venture turned out to be a fruitful endeavor, resulting in significant profits.


The fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree

Meaning: Children often exhibit similar traits or behaviors as their parents.

Example sentence:

  • The son followed in his father’s footsteps and pursued a career in politics. The fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree.


Apple of discord

Meaning: Something or someone that causes disagreement, conflict, or discord within a group.

Example sentences:

  • The controversial topic became the apple of discord among the team members, resulting in heated debates.
  • The new manager’s decision to restructure the department became the apple of discord in the office.


A lemon

Meaning: Something that is defective, unreliable, or of poor quality.

Example sentences:

  • The used car he bought turned out to be a lemon, constantly breaking down.
  • The cheap laptop he purchased online was a lemon, causing endless problems.


A tough nut to crack

Meaning: Something or someone that is difficult to understand, solve, or deal with.

Example sentences:

  • The new employee proved to be a tough nut to crack, as he was resistant to change.
  • The negotiations with the stubborn client were a tough nut to crack, but eventually, a compromise was reached.


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