Prepositional Phrases (Out): Very useful Prepositional Phrases (Out)

Prepositional Phrases Out are a powerful tool for enhancing communication. By incorporating Prepositional Phrases Out into your writing and speech, captivate your audience with expressive and dynamic descriptions. and more. With practice, Prepositional Phrases Out will become second nature, allowing you to master the art of language and express yourself with precision and flair. So, dive into the world of Prepositional Phrases Out and watch your linguistic skills soar to new heights.

Prepositional Phrases (Out): Expanding Language Horizons.
the Power of Prepositional Phrases (Out) in Language.

List of Prepositional Phrases With Out

  • Out of the question
  • Out of the ordinary
  • Out of the kitchen
  • Out of curiosity
  • Out of control
  • Out of context
  • Out of breath
  • Out of stock
  • Out of spite
  • Out of sight
  • Out of school
  • Out of respect for
  • Out of struggle
  • Out of debt
  • Out of work
  • Out of trouble
  • Out of reach
  • Out of print
  • Out of practice
  • Out of place
  • Out of pity
  • Out of ideas
  • Out of hatred
  • Out of hand
  • Out of fashion
  • Out of duty
  • Out of doors
  • Out of date
  • Out of danger
  • Out of order
  • Out of one’s mind
  • Out of love
  • Out of jealousy
  • Out of step


Prepositional Phrases (Out): List of Prepositional Phrases With Out Meaning and Examples


Out of the question

Meaning: Express that something is impossible or not feasible. It implies a firm stance or decision that something cannot or should not be done.


  • Going to the beach during a hurricane is out of the question due to the risk of danger.
  • Asking for a pay raise after being hired for only a week is out of the question.
  • The idea of starting a new business during a recession is out of the question for most people.


Out of the ordinary

Meaning: Describe something that is unusual, uncommon, or unexpected. It implies a sense of surprise or interest in something that deviates from the norm or usual pattern.


  • The restaurant’s menu offers some out of the ordinary dishes that are not commonly found in the region.
  • The film’s plot and storytelling techniques were out of the ordinary and challenged traditional narrative structures.
  • The student’s artwork was out of the ordinary and demonstrated a unique style and perspective.


Out of the kitchen

Meaning: A person (usually a woman) who has stopped cooking or is taking a break from cooking. It implies a sense of relief or a shift in responsibility from the person who was previously responsible for cooking to someone else.


  • After a long day of cooking, the chef was glad to be out of the kitchen and take a break.
  • The restaurant’s owner hired additional staff to ensure that the chefs could be out of the kitchen and take time off during their busy season.
  • The kitchen manager was relieved to have successfully trained the new staff member, allowing her to be out of the kitchen and oversee other aspects of the restaurant’s operation.


Out of curiosity

Meaning: A situation where someone is interested in something and wants to know more about it.


  • Out of curiosity, I asked the chef for the recipe of the delicious meal.
  • I opened the door to the abandoned building out of curiosity, but quickly regretted it.
  • I tried a new hobby out of curiosity and found that I really enjoyed it.


Out of control

Meaning: A situation where something has lost its ability to be managed, restrained, or directed.


  • The wildfire was out of control, spreading quickly and threatening nearby homes.
  • The toddler’s tantrum was out of control, with crying and screaming for hours.
  • The stock market was out of control, with volatile fluctuations and unpredictable trends.


Out of context

Meaning: A statement or situation that has been presented without the relevant background or information, causing it to be misunderstood or misrepresented.


  • The headline was misleading because it took the politician’s quote out of context.
  • The joke was inappropriate and offensive when taken out of context.
  • The social media post was shared widely, but it was taken out of context and the information was inaccurate.


Out of breath

Meaning: Breathing heavily and quickly after physical exertion. It usually indicates that someone has been running, exercising, or engaging in a strenuous activity that has caused them to become winded.


  • After running a mile, I was completely out of breath.
  • The hiker reached the summit, but he was out of breath and needed to rest.
  • The basketball player was out of breath after sprinting up and down the court.


Out of stock

Meaning: Indicate that a particular item or product is not currently available for purchase or consumption. It suggests that the inventory has been depleted and the item is not immediately available for sale.


  • The restaurant was out of stock of a key ingredient, causing them to change their menu for the day.
  • The shoe store was out of stock of the specific size and color of the shoes that the customer wanted to buy.
  • The grocery store was out of stock of certain food items due to disruptions in the supply chain.


Out of spite

Meaning: Describe behavior that is motivated by a desire to hurt or annoy someone, even if it does not benefit the person doing the action. It implies that the person is acting with malice or ill-will towards another.


  • The employee intentionally withheld important information from their colleague out of spite.
  • The ex-partner refused to attend their child’s graduation out of spite towards their former spouse.
  • The ex-employee stole company property out of spite towards their former boss.


Out of sight

Meaning: Something that is no longer visible or has been removed from view. It can also refer to something that is hidden, obscured or not easily noticed.


  • The beach was so beautiful that the sunset was out of sight before we knew it.
  • The bird flew out of sight, making it impossible for us to take a photo of it.
  • The children hid their toys out of sight so that their parents wouldn’t take them away.


Out of school

Meaning: Different situations, including someone who is no longer attending school, a time when school is not in session or a period after completing formal education.


  • The teenager dropped out of school in the ninth grade to work and support their family.
  • The university professor is on sabbatical, so they are out of school for a semester.
  • The children were out of school for winter break and had time to relax and play.


Out of respect for

Meaning: The reason for an action or decision that is made to show consideration or honor for someone or something.


  • The museum does not allow photography out of respect for the artists whose works are on display.
  • The company did not release a statement out of respect for the privacy of its employees.
  • The lawyer did not cross-examine a witness out of respect for their age and health.


Out of struggle

Meaning: Something positive or valuable has emerged as a result of difficult or challenging circumstances. It implies that despite adversity, something good has come out of it.


  • Out of struggle comes strength, and I have learned to be resilient and keep going no matter what.
  • The community came together out of struggle, supporting each other through tough times and emerging stronger as a result.
  • The book was written out of struggle, as the author poured her heart and soul into the pages and overcame personal challenges along the way.


Out of debt

Meaning: Situation where someone has successfully paid off all their financial obligations and is no longer in debt. It implies a sense of relief, financial freedom, and a new beginning.


  • The company was able to expand its operations after getting out of debt and improving its financial position.
  • The couple was able to take a dream vacation after finally getting out of debt and saving up for the trip.
  • Getting out of debt can be a long and challenging process, but with perseverance, anyone can achieve financial freedom.


Out of work

Meaning: A situation where someone is currently unemployed or not engaged in any work activities. It implies a sense of uncertainty, financial strain, and a need for a new job or source of income.


  • The individual has been out of work for several months and is actively seeking new job opportunities.
  • The person is currently out of work but is using this time to acquire new skills and education to enhance their job prospects.
  • The family is struggling to make ends meet after the breadwinner was out of work for several months.


Out of trouble

Meaning: A situation where someone has successfully navigated a difficult or dangerous circumstance and is no longer at risk of harm or negative consequences. It implies a sense of relief, safety, and a return to normalcy.


  • The person learned from their mistake and was able to stay out of trouble in the future.
  • Being out of trouble allowed the person to rebuild their reputation and regain the trust of others.
  • The family was grateful to be out of trouble after facing a major crisis and worked to build resilience and preparedness for future challenges.


Out of reach

Meaning: Describe something that is too far away or too difficult to obtain.


  • The opportunity to buy the house was out of reach due to the high cost.
  • The goal of winning the championship was out of reach for the team with only one game left in the season.
  • The fruit on the tree was out of reach, so the person had to use a ladder to pick it.


Out of print

Meaning: A book or other printed material that is no longer being produced or available for purchase.


  • The bookstore didn’t have the book I was looking for because it was out of print.
  • The author’s first book is now out of print and difficult to find.
  • The librarian suggested borrowing the book through inter-library loan since it was out of print.


Out of practice

Meaning: Describe someone who has not done something for a while, and as a result, is not as proficient as they once were.


  • The musician was out of practice and needed to rehearse more before the performance.
  • The tennis player was out of practice due to the long break between tournaments.
  • The driver was out of practice and made several mistakes during the race.


Out of place

Meaning: Describe something that doesn’t belong in a particular setting or situation, or something that seems inappropriate or unusual.


  • The casual dress was out of place at the formal dinner party.
  • The quiet bookworm felt out of place at the loud party.
  • The expensive watch was out of place on the teenager’s wrist.


Out of pity

Meaning: An action that is done because of compassion or sympathy for someone else’s difficult situation, rather than because of any genuine desire to help them.


  • She only agreed to go on a date with him out of pity.
  • He gave the panhandler some money out of pity.
  • The family took in the stray dog out of pity for its sad appearance.


Out of ideas

Meaning: A situation where a person has no more thoughts or solutions to a particular problem or challenge.


  • After brainstorming for hours, we were all out of ideas for our project.
  • The writer was out of ideas for their next book, causing them to experience writer’s block.
  • The artist was out of ideas for their latest masterpiece and struggled to create anything new.


Out of hatred

Meaning: A situation where a person is acting or behaving in a negative way towards someone or something due to their intense dislike or animosity.


  • The vandal destroyed the property out of hatred towards the owner.
  • The bully picked on the victim out of hatred for their differences.
  • The criminal committed the crime out of hatred for the victim.


Out of hand

Meaning: A situation that is no longer under control, has become unruly or chaotic.


  • The party got out of hand and the police had to be called to disperse the crowd.
  • The protest march turned violent and got out of hand, causing damage to public property.
  • The children’s game got out of hand and someone was hurt.


Out of fashion

Meaning: A style or trend that is no longer popular or commonly worn.


  • That old jacket is out of fashion and doesn’t match current trends.
  • Long skirts and dresses were in fashion in the past, but they are now out of fashion.
  • That hairstyle was popular in the 1980s, but it is now out of fashion.


Out of duty

Meaning: A situation where one is not performing a task or responsibility that they are normally expected to do.


  • The teacher stayed late at school out of duty to help her struggling students.
  • The nurse came back to work out of duty despite feeling unwell.
  • The employee stayed beyond their shift out of duty to finish a project.


Out of doors

Meaning: Being outside or in the open air.


  • The children loved playing out of doors in the warm sunshine.
  • The picnic was held out of doors, under the shade of a tree.
  • She preferred exercising out of doors rather than in a gym.


Out of date

Meaning: Something that is old-fashioned or no longer relevant or useful.


  • My phone is so out of date, it can’t even run the latest apps.
  • The fashion trend from the 90s is out of date and no longer popular.
  • The textbook is out of date and doesn’t include the latest research findings.


Out of danger

Meaning: A situation where a person or thing is no longer at risk of harm or injury.


  • The doctors said that the patient is out of danger and should make a full recovery.
  • The security team was able to neutralize the threat and bring the situation out of danger.
  • The floodwaters receded and the town was finally out of danger.


Out of order

Meaning: Describe something that is not working properly or is not arranged in the correct way.


  • The elevator was out of order, so we had to take the stairs.
  • The printer was out of order and wouldn’t print the important document.
  • The ATM was out of order and wouldn’t dispense any cash.


Out of one’s mind

Meaning: Someone who is behaving in an irrational or crazy way, or someone who is mentally unwell.


  • She was so upset that she was almost out of her mind with worry.
  • He was out of his mind with anger when he heard the news.
  • He must have been out of his mind to invest all his savings in that scheme.


Out of love

Meaning: A situation where a person no longer feels affection or romantic feelings towards someone they once loved.


  • She fell out of love with her partner after realizing they had different goals in life.
  • He slowly drifted out of love with his girlfriend over time.
  • The couple had been married for years, but he was out of love with her and they decided to divorce.


Out of jealousy

Meaning: A situation where a person’s actions are motivated by their feelings of envy or insecurity towards someone else.


  1. She stopped talking to her friend out of jealousy after they became close to someone else.
  2. He broke up with his girlfriend out of jealousy after he saw her talking to another guy.
  3. She criticized her sister’s accomplishments out of jealousy because she felt inferior.


Out of step

Meaning: A situation where a person or a group is not following along with the expected or normal pace or behavior.


  • The new employee felt out of step with the rest of the team’s work processes and routines.
  • The dancer was out of step with the music, making their performance look awkward.
  • The company’s marketing campaign was out of step with current trends, leading to poor sales.

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