Prepositional Phrases : Very useful Prepositional Phrases (with)

Mastering Prepositional Phrases: Unlocking the Power of “With” Discover how to wield the versatile prepositional phrase “with” to enhance your writing and convey connections, partnerships, and instrumentality with precision.

Prepositional Phrases (With): Unleash the Power of Connections
Exploring the Magic of “With”: Unleashing the Potential of Prepositional Phrases.


List of Prepositional Phrases With With

  • With the purpose of
  • With the intention of
  • With the help of
  • With a view to
  • With reference to
  • With an eye to
  • With abandon
  • With the exception of
  • With the compliments of
  • With the view of
  • With the aid of
  • With respect to
  • With regard to
  • With approval
  • With a will
  • With the result that
  • With regret
  • With attention


Prepositional Phrases (with): List of Prepositional Phrases With With Meaning and Examples

With the purpose of

Meaning: Indicate the reason or intention behind a particular action or decision.


  • He joined a gym with the purpose of getting in shape.
  • He started a blog with the purpose of sharing his thoughts and experiences with others.
  • She took a cooking class with the purpose of improving her culinary skills.


With the intention of

Meaning: Often used to indicate the purpose or goal behind a particular action or decision.


  • She applied for a job with the intention of starting her career in finance.
  • She joined a book club with the intention of expanding her literary knowledge.
  • She started a business with the intention of promoting sustainability and reducing waste. 


With the help of

Meaning: Indicate that someone or something has aided or assisted in achieving a particular goal or completing a particular task.


  • She learned how to play guitar with the help of online tutorials and lessons.
  • They built their dream home with the help of an experienced contractor and designer.
  • We started a community garden with the help of local organizations and volunteers.


With a view to

Meaning: Express an intention or purpose. It means to do something with the goal of achieving a certain outcome.


  • I’m taking this course with a view to improving my chances of getting a better job.
  • The team is practicing every day with a view to winning the championship.
  • I’m learning a new language with a view to traveling to foreign countries in the future.


With reference to

Meaning: Introduce a topic or to make a connection to something previously mentioned.


  • The report was written with reference to the latest research in the field.
  • The manager made a decision with reference to the team’s performance in the last quarter.
  • With reference to the job posting, we would like to invite you for an interview.


With an eye to

Meaning: Indicate that someone is considering or planning for a future possibility or goal.


  • He invested in stocks with an eye to making a profit in the long term.
  • The college student chose her courses with an eye to fulfilling her degree requirements.
  • The musician practiced with an eye to perfecting her technique for an upcoming performance.


With abandon

Meaning: Describe doing something with great enthusiasm, without restraint, or without any inhibitions.


  • The children played with abandon in the park, running and laughing with pure joy.
  • The friends laughed with abandon, sharing jokes and stories late into the night.
  • The poet wrote with abandon, pouring her heart onto the page.


With the exception of

Meaning: Indicate that something or someone is not included in a general statement or list.


  • The entire team arrived on time, with the exception of one member who was stuck in traffic.
  • All of the dishes were delicious, with the exception of the dessert which was too sweet.
  • The park is open every day, with the exception of Christmas Day.


With the compliments of

Meaning: Indicate that something is provided or given as a courtesy or gesture of goodwill, often at no cost.


  • The hotel provided a bottle of wine with the compliments of the management.
  • The meal was delicious and the dessert was offered with the compliments of the chef.
  • The flowers were sent with the compliments of the sender to express their appreciation.


With the view of

Meaning: Often used to express the intention or purpose behind an action or decision.


  • He’s saving money with the view of buying a house in the future.
  • She’s going to the gym regularly with the view of improving her fitness.
  • He’s learning a new language with the view of traveling to foreign countries.


With the aid of

Meaning: The help of or with assistance from someone or something.


  • The student was able to solve the difficult math problem with the aid of a tutor.
  • The musician was able to compose a beautiful symphony with the aid of a talented conductor.
  • The driver was able to navigate the unfamiliar roads with the aid of a GPS device.


With respect to

Meaning: Introduce a topic or to indicate the relevance of one thing to another.


  • The new regulations will apply with respect to all businesses in the industry.
  • The project manager will provide an update with respect to the progress of the project.
  • The lawyer will provide guidance with respect to the legal implications of the contract.


With regard to

Meaning: Introduce a topic that is being discussed or to refer to a specific aspect of a situation.


  • The company’s spokesperson made a statement with regard to the allegations of fraud.
  • With regard to the upcoming meeting, we would like to remind everyone to prepare their presentations in advance.
  • The government released a report with regard to the impact of climate change on the economy.


With approval

Meaning: Indicate that someone has given their agreement or endorsement to something.


  • The board of directors voted with approval to implement the new marketing strategy.
  • The audience cheered with approval as the singer hit the high note flawlessly.
  • The client signed off on the design with approval, satisfied with the final product.


With a will

Meaning: Doing something with determination, enthusiasm, and a strong sense of purpose.


  • The team approached the project with a will, excited to take on the challenge.
  • He studied for the exam with a will, determined to do his best and succeed.
  • The artist painted with a will, pouring her heart and soul into each brushstroke.


With the result that

Meaning: The consequence or outcome of a particular action or event.


  • He didn’t study for the exam, with the result that he failed it.
  • She trained hard for the competition, with the result that she won first place.
  • He took a shortcut to the airport, with the result that he missed his flight.


With regard to

Meaning: Introduce a topic that is being discussed or to refer to a specific aspect of a situation.


  • The manager issued a memo with regard to the new dress code policy.
  • With regard to your recent performance, we would like to schedule a meeting to discuss some areas for improvement.
  • The government released a report with regard to the impact of climate change on the economy.


With attention

Meaning: Indicate that something is being done with care or focus.


  • The chef prepared the meal with attention to the specific dietary needs of each guest.
  • The writer crafted the novel with attention to character development, making sure that each protagonist was fully realized.
  • The musician played the piece with attention to dynamics, carefully adjusting the volume and tempo to create the desired effect.


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